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From fun facts to scope of operations, we let fans know on a deeper level the huge breadth of work women cover in esports

Art Direction

Stacey Yamada lead designer
Caroline Parker-Stark video editor
Heather Wicks motion designer
Indu Reddy copywriter
Nikolas Jeleniauskas developer
Jordy van den Boom developer

5 weeks

Figma, Photoshop

what is it

Women in esports have come a long way in terms of representation, and Team Liquid was a roaring example. To celebrate Women's History Month we spearheaded a social media campaign that included a series of interviews with the women in the organization, and hosted an all-womens charity poker tournament that was to be broadcasted onto our Twitch channel with leading women from all over esports. 

In order to honor the vast female talent delegated by the organization, we needed a confident visual tone & esteemed platform to match.

my role

The interviews were inspirational, but the container was not—when it came to posting womens' stories, we needed to go beyond our standard article in order to give the respect they deserve. Long form content did not read well with our standard publishing practices, so I pulled together a team to craft a website that served as an appropriate platform to house these interviews. I defined the project scope, guided tone & feel, and provided feedback.

This was not limited to just a website—I also steered the visual theme of our promotion graphics for the charity poker tournament for both in-house and participants to post on social media. This set the tone for the following broadcast graphics. Using a crafty motif and crowns for the victors, we created a powerful yet playful identity that was clearly recognizable across the entire campaign.


Media was largely supportive, and this campaign helped raise awareness around the challenges women face in gaming and offers an opportunity to celebrate their contributions. Promotions posted across different social media platforms generated over 3.7m impressions. Community reaction was also positive—see this complimentary Reddit thread.


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