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I made all of this—UI, illustrations, copy, design

Pretty Idol Star is a resource management game concept about managing female performers known as idols based on the East Asian entertainment industry.

The goal is to recruit talented young girls and nurture them to become the best idols in the world in order to claim and maintain the number one spot in the idol business.

After all, the best way to learn how your favourite foreign industry operates is to “experience” it—through gameplay.


With K-pop on the global rise & J-pop remaining a popular niche, this game designed made for western fans of East Asian pop culture in mind. But what lies underneath surface of success can be rougher than it appears.

Not fully grasping what goes on in the background may cause fans to perpetuate harmful practices in the industry they like so much.

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Senior Designer


Adam Antoszek-Rallo

This is archived work—that is, older work that I find dear and significant to my growth as a designer.