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The York University Student Centre (YUSC) has a long history of being the central hub for students on York University's Keele Campus—but after 20+ years of service, the YUSC could no longer provide enough for student space. In order to discover which spaces were in demand, a referendum was conducted, surveys were distributed, and students made their voices heard.

Enter the New Student Centre (NSC)—

In order to kick off the good news, the YUSC wanted to create a two-year campaign centered around the construction of the NSC, with "made by students, for students" as the core message.

The basis of NSC's identity lies in the idea that the NSC is a home to students on campus, with the colour scheme reflecting both evolution & inclusivity of York U's student population as a whole.

Each square & icon represented each student space reflected in the actual building: Study, Studio, Plaza, Meeting, Office, Prayer, Event, & Lounge.

During this two-year campaign, an endless number of graphic projects were made. Print and digital, internal and external use, you name it, I made it.

Infographics were an integral part of every project—it was key for us to communicate the what, the how, & the why to both students and stakeholders throughout the construction process. Content was constantly being curated and posted daily on social media platforms.

Being the only designer on the team for 2016/2017, I also got a super cool first hand experience with further development of NSC's identity and was heavily involved in stakeholder outreach and coordinating strategy.

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Siva Vimalachandran

Nikki Sadeghi

Patricia Yeboah

This is archived work—that is, older work that I find dear and significant to my growth as a designer.