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The Prettiest Idol Star

It's every girl's dream to become a Pretty Idol Star, a title only given to the number one ranked idol or idol group every ten years. That's where you, the manager, comes in! You will take on the role to make a girl's fantasy come true by finding wonderful talents and nuturing them to become the best idols in the world. Your goal is to claim and maintain the number one spot in the Annual Idol Rankings with your girls! Are you able to rise to the challenge and overcome the hardships to rise to the top?


You can recruit up to 3 idols in a group! These talented girls are handpicked by you and you only, and work together as a team to become the best idols in the world. As time goes on, you'll be able to groom each one of them into the dream star every girl wants to be.


It's on you to train, manage, and take care of your lovely idols. Queue up their schedule and develop their talent at the training centre, or gain appeal by taking photoshoots! Don't forget to mind their health: you'll want them to stay in tip-top shape after all.

Less is more (risky)

The less idols you have, the easier they are to manage. Remember to watch out out for their health: if you overload their schedule, they'll get sick of being an idol and quit—idol life isn't easy after all! Try your best to prevent this, or else you'll lose all your progress and have to start over.


It's your job to show these talented young girls the ropes in the idol business. As they grow older, you'll be able to take them networking: a fantastic way to oversee their growth as a blossoming idol and provide great opportunities to skyrocket up the idol ladder.


Sometimes your idols won't agree with your decisions, which is perfectly normal. Since they are still young with little experience, you as the manager must teach them about the rules of the idol industry.


Your decisions are ultimately in their best interests! Demonstrate that these hardships are what true pretty idol stars must go through in order to earn the number one spot.

The Big Concert

Every six months, your idols are expected to perform at the Big Stadium. This is an important event that helps raise your idols' popularity and is your only ticket to getting ranked on the idol ladder. Don't miss it!


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